Thursday, 15 June 2017

Week 38: June 19-23


PE clothes
Bring in pictures from Arowhon


Geography Game Day!
Here are some of the countries we could do snacks for. It isn't an exhaustive list, and we also don't have to do everything. These are just some suggestions  :) Please leave a comment below so we know who is bring what. You don't have to send something if you don't want.
Spain: Juice with fruit chunks in it
India/Afghanistan: Naan bread and hummus
Kentucky, USA: Benedictine spread (look it up, it's really yummy!)
Africa: Fried plantains (something different, but it should be easy to find a simple recipe)
Russia: Cold potato salad
Turkey: Figs (Mr Bartels will bring these in)
France: Bagette sticks, cheeses and grape juice
Mexico: Guacamole, salsa and tortilla chips
China: I'm not sure.... anything simple to snack on
Korea: A small tray of Californian or similar sushi rolls. (Mr. Bartels will bring in one)


PE clothes


Graduation artwork due
Newspaper article due


Graduation prep at the church building

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