Friday, 23 October 2015

Week 8: Oct 26-28

This upcoming week is only three days, but it's still full of things to work on and complete. The long weekend is an excellent time for students to finish up their Bronze Bow projects. The following week will be the start of new language arts and math units.


PE clothes


Students work on short story rough drafts and Egyptian side profiles (art)


PE clothes
Math Test Unit 2b (percent and tax)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Week 6: Oct 13-16

This shortened week is still quite busy here in Grade 8. The cross country run will be behind us, and I wish all the students an enjoyable long weekend with their families. See you on Tuesday!


Thanksgiving (no school)


Bible jeopardy review
Geography quiz on population pyramids and scatter graphs


Bible Test Unit 1d
PE clothes (we start volleyball)
Spelling Lesson #5


Volleyball practice/tryouts (7:00 AM)
Spelling dictation #5
Math mid unit test
Terry Fox Walk


Psalm 29:3
Joel 2: 30-32

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Week 5: Oct 5-9

This upcoming Friday, we hope to send the Grade 7 and 8 classes to Dundas Valley for the annual cross country run. However, this year, much as in previous years, we ask for a high percentage of participation to make it worth sending two classes. Therefore, please send a note, signed by parents, of an existing health issue that would prevent the student from participating. All others will be expected to run.


PE clothes


Geography population pyramid worksheet


Spelling Lesson 4


Volleyball tryouts/ practice is at 7:00 AM in the gym for boys and girls
Scatter graph for Geography
Library Books
Spelling dictation #4
Psalm 28:5


Cross Country Run
Assembly at 2:45 on Thanksgiving