Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Week 4: Sept 28- Oct 2


Music Appreciation: Handel
Please bring in a glass jar (for science)


Bible Test Unit 1b



Spelling Lesson 3 due
Final day to bring in your jar for science


Spelling Dictation #3
Charcoal drawing of a hand


Psalm 27: 6
Language Arts Final Projects due
PE clothes

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Week 3: Sept 21-25

We're rumbling into another busy week, particularly since the soccer tournament is Saturday in Smithville. The students have settled in very well into our routines, and we are already wrapping up some of the first units of study. An excellent start to the year!


PE clothes
Science quiz on the microscope and the parts of a cell
Music appreciation: Vivaldi


Exhibition game at Victoria Park at 2:00, leaving at 1:50 (must have permission form)
Soccer tournament permission forms WITH money


PE clothes
Spelling lesson 2
Soccer tournament permission forms WITH money


Math unit 1 review
Spelling dictation 2
Soccer tournament permission forms WITH money


Math unit 1 test
Psalm 22: 10
Soccer tournament permission forms WITH money (FINAL day)

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Week 2: Sept 14-18


PE clothes
History Map, including legend (sheet 1-5)


Church History Review



PE clothes
Church history quiz


Spelling Dictation 1
Soccer Tryouts
French Grammar: both sides of white page
Quiz: er verbs
Math mid unit review page 24: 2, 4, 5, 6, 9


Psalm 14:2
Text: Psalm 27:1a

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Week 1: Welcome to Grade 8!

Welcome back!

The summer of 2015 has finally (?) come to a close, and with the final days of August behind us, I am looking forward to a new school year here at Maranatha. The classroom is set up and ready to go for the students final year of elementary school. This blog will be updated weekly (the day the MCS weekly is released), and all homework and extracurricular updates will appear as each week goes on.
Parents, please familiarize yourselves with the parent handbook with regards to the dress code. It can be quite warm some days in September, and our classroom lacks air conditioning, so please keep this in mind and send a water bottle along.
The soccer season starts right out of the gate this year, with the tournament scheduled for Sept 26. This only gives us two weeks of tryouts, followed by a week of practice prior to the date.
Students, please make sure you have everything on the list of supplies, particularly the two binders, as I will not be handing these items out during the school day.
I'm looking forward to shaking your hand and inviting you in next week Tuesday!


Labour day


First day of school: forms and information sheets will sent home with the youngest in the family, student information sheets will be sent home with everyone


Soccer tryouts (3:30- 5, please be ready to pick up at 5)


Psalm 10: 7